Mineral's Processing Techniques Incorporated Specializing in Disk Filter Sectors and replacement parts.

Disk Filter Accessories

MPTI Urethane Sector Ferrules

MPTI now has a new line of disk filter sector ferrules which include those sizes which are most commonly used today. MPTI's ferrules are molded from Resistex SRB rubber. This material is very abrasion resistant and is also very well suited for a variety of different environments.

MPTI Rubber Ferrules


Physical Properties
Elongation (%)450
Tensile (PSI)2400
Tear (Die C, PPLI)350
Hardness (shore A)55
Service Temp. (Max)180 F
Specific Gravity1.13
Parts Available
Parts NO.Size
MPF 175A1.75"
MPF 200A2.0"
MPF 250A2.5"
MPF 300A3.0"
MPF 350A3.5"

MPTI Chute Liners

MPTI can furnish a Chute Liner to line the inside of your discharge chutes. MPTI Chute Liners are one piece, seamless polyethylene, with a smooth inside finish. Generally, MPTI Chute Liners drop in place. However, Chute Liners can be furnished to hang on hooks where this mode of installation is preferred.

MPTI Rubber Ferrules

MPTI Deflectors

MPTI Deflectors made in either 'flat' or 'curved' shapes with a return edge that 'snaps' over the edge of the chute or exisiting deflector plate. MPTI Deflectors should always be used with Chute Liners to insure that no concentrate can get between the chute liner and the steel chute.