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Disk Filter Product Overview

Minerals Processing Techniques disk filters sectors have proven their value in dewatering coppter, taconite, zinc, lead, and many other substances. Many of the largest filter users in North America now use MPTI sectors as the only standard of disk filter acceptability.

Longer Lasting

MPTI sectors stay strong, tough, and light, even after many years of service. Theyre made of cross-linked polyethylene, which is highly resistant to abrasion and chemical attack. They are filled with a closed-cell urethane foam added for stiffness without adding extra weight. Unlike wooden sectors, MPTI sectors will not absore water which adds weight and can cause rotting. Our sectors will also not corrode like punch plate steel alternatives.

Improved Efficiency

MPTI sectors greatly improve filter performance in terms of reduced down time and greater tonnage of filtered material recovered. MPTI's unique "True-Flo" design equalizes the movement of air or water across the surface of the sector. The polyethylene surface is "super-slick" when wet which helps to produc optimum flow.

MPTI sectors are easier to clean because of smoothe wide grooves that resist clogging. In addition, many users report that concentrate in moisture levels are substantially lower than in wood or metal sectors.

Low Maintenance

MPTI sectors are unsurpassed for durability and ease of maintenance in the field. Filter bag changes are made easier and faster because of their lower weight opposed to wood and steel sectors. Bag changes are also often less frequent as well. Proper bagging is essential to efficient filter operation. Please feel free to contact us about any bag changing questions.

For All Disk Filters

MPTI provides replacement filter sectors for virtually every filter made. From any size and from eight to thirty sectors per disk. Dozens of neck sizes are available in cast iron or polyethelene.

Ideal for Retrofit

Many older filters are being retrofitted with larger external drain tubes to improve their efficiency. The design of MPTI sectors allows them to be upgraded by the simple addition of a wider neck, without replacing whole sectors. MPTI has developed extensive expertise in this field, and can provide technical assitance in the retrofitting process. Please feel free to visit our contacts page to reach customer service.

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