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Plastic Filter Sector Bagging Techniques

PTI polyethylene filter sectors can give you improved moisture levels and longer sector and bag life, however, they must be properly bagged to do so. They are not the same as wood ormetal sectors-and should not be bagged the same way. Whether you are using PTI felt filter bags, or mono-filament bags, you will have better filtration performance if you follow the steps below:

NOTE: Radius Rod Clamps are not designed to secure the bag. They do not provide the vaccum seal essential for good bagging.


1. SEAMS INSIDE. The bag is shipped to you fuzzy side out. Turn the seams inside before putting the bag on the sector. The shiny side of the bag belongs outside.

2. Pull the bag up tight on the sector.

3. Roll the ends over while drawing the bag up tighly.

4. DO NOT fold ends like a Christmas package! That creates an opening directly into the sector under the bag. It allows materials to wear away the sector quickly.

5. Pinch-staple (using an over-size letter stapler) or through-staple the roll to close it.

6. The stapled roll will form a tight seal. The roll can be left loose, or it can be through-stapled into the top of the sector. Securing a bag in this manner does not interfere with the radius rod clamps.

7. Finally, tie off the neck with string, apply clamps, or otherwise secure the bag at the neck in your normal way.

8. QUESTIONS? Feel free to visit the MPTI Contact Page to get in touch with a customer service representative to answer all of your bagging queries!