Mineral's Processing Techniques Incorporated Specializing in Disk Filter Sectors and replacement parts.

At Last- A Real Improvement in Filter Sectors that Makes it Easier to Use and Maintain Them Right On the Filter Floor.

Mineral's Processing Techniques, Inc. has developed the Embedded Parts Sector/ Neck System (BP). MPTI's filter sector has two structural pipes buried in the polyethylene sector base. At the end of each pipe is a stainless steel, threaded insert. Two short, stainless steel bolts, screwing down into the stainless threaded inserts, hold the neck firmly in place. The inserts and bolts can be either US Standard or Metric, as the user requires. Any adjustments that must be made to the neck are easily accomplished with just one wrench.

This improvement in the construction of filter sectors has been achieved exclusively by MPTI, the World Leader in disk filter sector design. The Embedded Parts Sector/ Neck System (BP), coupled with MPTI's True-Flo, surface grooved, polyethylene filter sector will give you significantly improved filtration, with reduced maintenance costs.