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Introducing The Disk Filter Sector of the New Millenium

MPTI has brought together a series of improvements to provide a disk filter sector with improved efficiency, smoother operation, and easier maintenance for your disk filters. It means MORE TONS, LESS MOISTURE, ALL AT LOWER COSTS! No other sector provides the smooth efficient hydraulic flow fo the MPTI TRU-FLO NU Disk Filter Sector.

MPTI TRU_FLO NU Disk Filter Sector

MPTI has produced more polyethylene disk filter sectors than all other manufacturers combined, with installations all over the world since 1975. The MPTI TRUE-FLO NU is the logical extension of MPTI's patented TRU-FLO rib pattern; having been designed after thousands of hours of operating experience. MPTI sectors are in use in new and installed filters produced by viturally every disk filter manufacturer. MPTI produces filter sectors, chute liners, chute deflectors, disk sector bags, and supplies replacement filter parts for virtually every disk filter in use today.Contact us now to see how your filter operations can be significantly improved with MPTI TRU-FLO NU disk filter sectors.

MPTI TRU-FLO NU Disk Filter Sector

Hover over the MPTI TRU-FLO "hotspots" to highlight the innovative features of our disk filter product.

MPTI Disk Filter

*** 6'9" 8'10" or 9' sizes only